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Crash Bugs on Windows

I'm using Xodo pdf reader on Windows, it is by far the best PDF reader I've found for my use as a law student, but it has repeatedly crashed in two situations. 

1. When the app is already open, if I try to open a new PDF from my desktop/a folder, instead of opening it through the "open" menu in the app, the app window pops back up as if it's going to open the document, but then freezes, and nothing happens. Have to "end task" and restart app to get it to work again.

2. More recently, when I switch desktops away from the one where Xodo is open, and then switch back, when I click on Xodo, it will go to its "loading" screen, and then stay there indefinitely, until I "end task" and restart it again. This has also happened when I've minimized it and then tried to pull it back up. Switches to "Loading" and stays there.

Neither of these is super duper horrible, in that I can just restart the app, but when they happen multiple times per week, it ends up eating a lot of time. Would love it if the app could be a bit more stable.

Thank you so much, it really is the best pdf reader.
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