Document Custom Properties

The Custom Properties tab allows you to add custom document properties that store additional metadata, such as the version number, company name, or any other values directly in the PDF.

Note: Properties you create must have unique names that do not appear in the other tabs in the Document Properties dialog.


How to View/Edit the Document Custom Properties

  1. Go to File Tab > Properties or using the shortcut keys Ctrl + D (⌘ + D on Mac).
  2. Click on the Custom Tab
  3. The current properties will be displayed in the dialog. Use the Add, Edit, or Remove options to modify the custom properties if needed
  4. Click OK to apply the changes
  5. Save the document to save the new Document Custom Property settings


Add - Opens the action dialog to add a new custom property to the document

Edit - Edits the currently selected property from the list

Delete-  Removes the currently selected property from the list

Custom Property Settings

Name: Name of the property stored within the PDF

Value: Value associated with the named property