Fast Sign

The Fast Sign tool allows you to create electronic signature stamps that can be easily applied to documents. The stamps can be created using a signature font, drawing with your mouse, or importing an existing scanned image of your signature. Once the document is saved Xodo PDF Studio will flatten all form fields within the document to prevent further editing.

Note: It's important to also understand that an "Electronic Signature" (Fast Sign) is not the same as a "Digital Signature". An electronic signature (Fast Sign)  is a graphical representation of a signature on pen and paper such as an image or drawing. A digital signature (which may also have a graphical representation) contains a unique encrypted ID to verify its authenticity.

Creating a Fast Sign Stamp

If NO Signature stamp is already created just click on " Create New" in the Fast Sign panel.

If a signature stamp already exists and you wish to create an additional one, click on the double down arrow on the Fast Sign panel and choose Create Signature.

Fast Sign Stamp Settings

Category - Category to add this signature stamp to if you wish to organize the stamps. Click the Add button to create a new category

Name – Name of the signature stamp.

Type - Select what type of signature stamp you would like to create

Type My Signature: Type your name and use one of the available fonts that resemble handwriting to create the signature.

Draw My Signature: Use your mouse (also supports computer stylus) to draw your signature

Import Signature Image: Import an existing scanned image of the your signature

Convert White to Transparent - when checked will change any white background to be transparent.

Tolerance - This option removes the white background from an image. Tolerance affects the range of colors that are considered "white" to be converted to transparent. Higher tolerance converts more pixels. For hand drawn signatures it is recommended to use a bold thick pen.

Require Password - When checked will require a password to be entered before the Fast Sign signature stamp can be placed on the page. Click on Set Password to designate the password.

Applying Fast Sign Signature

To apply the Fast Sign signature stamp:

  1. Open the document you wish to apply the stamp to
  2. Click on the signature stamp you wish to use
  3. Click the document where you would like to apply the stamp. Resize and move placement if needed
  4. Save the document to apply the stamp
    • Once document is saved Xodo PDF Studio will flatten all form fields within the document to prevent further editing.


Managing Fast Sign Stamps

Fast Sign stamps can be managed using the Fast Sign Signature Manager.

Accessing the Fast Sign Signature Manager

The Fast Sign Signature Manager can be accessed by clicking on the Manage button or the double down arrow on the Fast Sign panel.

Using the Fast Sign Signature Manager

The dialog shows a tree of fast sign stamps and a toolbar to work with the tree. The toolbar has the following buttons

  • Create a new signature stamp
  • Add a new folder to the tree.
  • Brings up the edit dialog for the currently selected signature stamp or the name change dialog for the selected folder.
  • Delete the currently selected item.