Digital Signature Appearance

Xodo PDF Studio allows you to customize the appearance of a digital signature to display only specific information that you choose. Multiple appearances can be created for different situations if needed. Created appearances can be used on any digital ID. Additionally, an image can be used for the signature appearance.

Note: Altering a signature's appearance does not remove any of the details from the signature.


How to Create a New Digital Signature Appearance

  1. Begin signing a document to access the Sign Document dialog using one of the methods below
    • Click on the signature field
    • Click on the Sign Document button
  2. Select "Create New Appearance..." in the Appearance drop down
  3. Enter a title and the signature appearance options you wish to use
  4. Once the options have been set click on OK to save the appearance

Signature Appearance Options

The following appearance options are available in Xodo PDF Studio.


This will be the name of the created appearance that will display in the Digital Signature Options when applying a signature


Displays a preview of how the digital signature will look once applied to a document

Note: The preview displays the signature in a standard dimension. If the field within the document is a different size the contents of the signature appearance will be resized to fit the field


Show Image - When checked an image can be added to the background of the digital stamp appearance

Transparency - Transparency setting for the image

File - The full path to the image file used in the signature. Click on the "..." button to open a file chooser and navigate to the image you wish to use .

Align - Allows you to align the image on the left, center, or right of the signature


Show - The options below, when checked, set which digital signature properties will be displayed on the signature

  • Name: The large text that will display the name
  • Digitally signed by: Adds the text "Digitally signed by" before the Common Name
  • Date: Date the signature was completed
  • Common Name: The name associated with the digital ID
  • Organizational Unit: The organizational unit associated with the digital ID
  • Organization Name: The organization name associated with the digital ID
  • Locality/City: the locality/city associated with the digital ID
  • State: The state associated with the digital ID
  • Country: The country associated with the digital ID
  • Email: The email associated with the digital ID
  • Reason: The reason chosen when digitally signing the document

Orientation - Sets the digital signature text to be displayed with one of two options

  • Left to Right: Displays the Name on the left and all other properties in smaller text on the right
  • Right to Left: Displays the Name on the right and all other properties in smaller text on the left