There are three ways to create an annotation in Xodo: from the Annotation Toolbar, from the quick tools menu, and using a paired stylus.

Method 1: From the Annotation Toolbar

1. While viewing a document, access the app bar by doing the following:

  • With a mouse, right-click anywhere on the document.
  • With a touch-enabled device, swipe from above the edge of the screen.

2. Select Edit.

3. Select the tool you want to use.

4. If you've selected a text markup tool, such as Text Highlight, Text Strikeout, or Text Underline, select the text you want to markup.

If you've selected another tool, such as Signature, Ink, or Rectangle, click, tap, or drag on an empty area of the document.

Method 2: From the quick tools menu

1. If you want to markup text, select the text you want to markup by doing the following until the quick tools menu pops up:

  • With a mouse, highlight the text and right-click.
  • With a touch-enabled device, tap and hold on the text.

If you don't want to markup text, just press and hold on an empty area of the document to access the quick tools menu.

2. Tap the tool you want to use from the quick tools menu.

Method 3: Using the stylus

If you have a stylus paired with your touch-enabled device, you can use it to draw freehand without accessing the Annotation Toolbar or the quick tools menu.