Creating Self-Signed Digital IDs

In order to sign documents, you must first have a digital ID. If you do not have an existing ID you can use Xodo PDF Studio to create a new digital ID to be used when signing documents. When creating a digital ID with Xodo PDF Studio it is considered a Self-Signed Digital ID which means that it is not using a third-party to validate the signature.

Note: When creating a Self-Signed Digital ID with Xodo PDF Studio the signature will not show as validated on other users computer as the trusted certificate will currently only be on your computer. You will need to send your newly created digital certificate to your recipients and they will need to install them before your signatures can be validated.


How to Create Self-Signed Digital ID

  1. Access the Add Digital ID dialog using one of the methods below
    • Go to File Tab > Preferences and select Digital IDs from the panel on the left of the preferences dialog and click on Add Digital ID.
    • When applying a digital signature, select New Digital ID from the drop down
    • Go to Secure Tab > Digital IDs and click on Add Digital ID.
  2. Select Create New Digital ID Now
  3. Fill out the information for digital ID. Name and Email Address are required
    • Valid Until: The expiration date of the digital ID
    • Name: Name of the signer
    • Organizational Unit: Name of the organizational unit
    • Organization Name: Name of the organization
    • Locality/City: city  where the signer is located
    • State: state where the signer is located
    • Country: country where the signer is located
    • Email: Email address of the signer
  4. Choose a location to save the digital ID and set a password
    • Note: By default the location will be stored in the Xodo PDF Studio user settings folder
  5. Click Finish to create the digital ID
  6. The newly created ID will be added to Xodo PDF Studio's list of IDs and can now be used when Applying Digital Signatures