Unlock the flexibility of the Favourite Toolbar feature, allowing you to design a personalized toolbar tailored to your needs. Consolidate your frequently used tools into a single toolbar, eliminating the need to switch between different toolbars for seamless workflow.

Step 1: Open Your File in Xodo

  1. Begin by opening the document you want to mark up in Xodo.

Step 2: Select "Favourites" in the Toolbar Selection

  1. Navigate to the toolbar selection and choose the "Favourites" option.

Step 3: Add Your Favourite Tools to the Toolbar

  1. Customize your toolbar by adding your preferred tools. This step ensures that your most-used tools are readily available in one convenient location.

Step 4: Start Marking Up Using Your Favourite Toolbar

  1. With your favourite tools now in the toolbar, begin marking up your document effortlessly, enjoying the convenience of having all your preferred tools in one place.

Maximize efficiency by creating a Favourite Toolbar housing all your frequently used tools. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for tools, as your personalized toolbar ensures a streamlined and time-saving markup experience.