Starting in version 6.0, Xodo for iOS offers a Mobile Subscription to unlock a set of advanced features while keeping the fundamental features free. This will help us continue to improve the app and bring you more future enhancements (both premium and free)!

View and annotate remains to be free for personal use only!

The list of new premium features include:
- License for business use
- Unlimited Actions
- Bulk file conversion
- Convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel and HTML
- Favorites Toolbar
- Redaction Toolbar
- PDF Form Builder Toolbar
- Smart Pen
- Merge PDFs
- Export file-size reduced copy
- Export permanently cropped copy
- Annotate in Reader Mode
- Edit PDF Outline
- Nested Layers Controls

...and there are more to come!

Why are we offering a subscription?

Xodo was first released in 2014, and since then we've released many new versions and features, all without charge.

In order to accelerate the development of Xodo, we are offering a selection of advanced features on a subscription basis. These fees will go directly into supporting development effort of the app, ensuring the continued success of Xodo.

Convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel and HTML

Using the new Convert toolbar, you can convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel and HTML. Xodo's conversion is focused not only on matching the PDF's look, but also the editability of the output. This is best-in-the-world conversion: you will not find another converter that performs consistently as well as Xodo.

Favorites Toolbar

The favorites toolbar allows you to build your own toolbar using any number of our existing tools so that it works exactly the way you need it to.

Redaction Toolbar

The redaction toolbar allows you to permanently remove content from your PDF. This is not simply adding rectangles over content - the underlying content is completely removed from the PDF.

PDF Form Builder Toolbar

The form builder allows you to create fillable PDF forms for others (or yourself!) to fill out.

Edit Outline

Create and edit PDF outlines.

Smart Pen

The new smart pen tool streamlines the note-taking experience, making note-taking workflows a breeze. The smart pen will automatically create a highlight annotation when you draw over text, and an ink annotation when you draw anywhere else.

Merge PDFs

You can append a PDF with another PDF using the "add pages" functionality.

Export a file-size reduced copy

You can save a new copy of the PDF that will use less disk space

Export a permanently cropped copy

You can save a new copy of the PDF has its pages cropped.

Annotate in Reader Mode

When viewing a PDF in reader mode, you can highlight, underline and strikeout text.

Nested Layer Controls

PDFs that include multi-level layers can have their visibility toggled individually.