Run Action

Actions allow you to streamline work performed on documents by automating routine tasks. Once an action has been created it can be started with a single click to process single (or multiple) documents.


How to Run an Action

  1. Go to File Tab > Action Wizard and click on Run Action
  2. Click on any action in the list to start the process
  3. Once started, the Action Pane will open on the right side of the Xodo PDF Studio window
  4. (Optional) In addition to any default files / folders specified in the action, you can add more files to process by clicking on Add Files
    • Click on the down arrow to instead Add Folder or Add Open Files
    • If needed, you can also choose any of the other Supported file types to process (i.e. to convert Word files to PDF). All files will be immediately converted to a PDF when the action is started using the default conversion settings for the file types based on settings in Preferences.
    • NOTE: cloud drive files must be saved locally before they can be processed by an action.
  5. Once all the files have been selected click Start
  6. (Optional) If prompted, complete any additional inputs or settings needed during the Action steps. Each file will be saved automatically once it has been processed.
  7. When all the files have been processed the Done button will be displayed


Additional Action Features

Document Status Icons

Processing - Current document in process for the action

Completed - Document completed processing all actions successfully

Warning - Document processed but with warnings

Failed - Could not process document due to error in file

Action Status Icons

Processing - Current action step in progress

Done - Specific action step completed successfully

Warning - Warning or issue occurred with completed action step

Error - Did not complete action step due to error in file


Pause / Resume

Action steps can be paused at any point by either closing the options dialog or exiting the currently active action tool. To resume the action, click on the Resume button in the action panel to continue processing the remaining steps and files.

Exit Running Action

Running actions can be completed stopped at any point by doing the following:

  • Clicking on the Exit Action button on the upper right of the action panel
  • Quitting the Xodo PDF Studio application entirely

If any document has not yet been saved, you will be prompted to do so when exiting the action sequence.

Modifying the File List

The action file list can be modified at any point during the action sequence. This is useful if you need to process additional documents after the process has been started or realize one of the documents in the list is no longer needed.

  • Adding Files - additional files can be added to the list by clicking on Add Files button while the process is running.
    • Click on the down arrow to instead Add Folder or Add Open Files

    NOTE: once the action has started documents can only be added to the END of the processing list.

  • Removing files - any files that have NOT been processed can be deleted from the list by selecting the item and then pressing the Delete key