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Share to Xodo, improved

I was experimenting with the sharing function, different types of data, from different apps, to Xodo. I think it can be improved.

I have several pdfs opened in Xodo, but I imagine one of them marked as „share target”.

When sharing an image file, a new page could be added to this file and the image placed on it.

When sharing a piece of text or a text file, it could be appended to this file.

When sharing a link from the browser, it could be appended to this file, even in the form of a link, complete with both the displayed text and the URL. And we’ve added a link collector. :D

Additionally, I’ve shared a short text file, and each line went on a separate page. Well, it was CRLF. IMHO this doesn’t mean page breaks added after each line. :)

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