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Highlights not exported with annotations

Hello I am trying to export all of my highlights and annotations in a pdf so that I have a summary of the pdf, like a cliff notes version. When I do theexport only the annotations (made using sticky notes) are exported, none of the highlights. Am I doing something wrong or is this by design? I am using the free version of Xodo on Samsung S6 Lite tablet running Android 13. Thanks.
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If your highlights are Selectable Text highlights using the Text Highlight Tool then the text of the Highlight should be exported, assuming you are using Blue Download button in our Annotations Window.  However if you are just using a Freehand Highlighter, whether by choice or because your document lacks Selectable Text, then unfortunately text will not be extracted with it.  That is a limitation of that tool.

If you still have questions please send us the highlighted document you are working with and the exported list of annotations.

Best Regards;
Xodo Team
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