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I experienced xodo premium app but I want further improvements

them further in our notes and dont need to take full page screenshots and cropping everytime . 44) we need to have the ability to add text through typing into our documents would be great if there was a 'fill in' option for colouring in shapes when drawing diagrams etc. 45) I would love to see an idropper tool where you can pick the color of your pen from a picture.  46) I would love to be able to add Quick notes on a seperate sheet of paper. I dislike the fact that the only option for Android users is to add notebooks.  47) Built-in dictionary support with a feature to select a word and store it directly in a custom wordlist to improve vocabulary. You can add an option "Add to wordlist" beside "define" when selecting a word. Or Much better if there is an option to "Add definition to wordlist" beside the "manage" button when defining a word 48) It would be nice to have more colors to choose from for color of paper. Also ability to change template of page in same notebook. 49) No rotation function after selecting the lasso ....No support pop-up notes to increase efficiency..Add the elements tool so we can use stickers, etc. 50) Being able to group colours together to make a custom colour palette that is saved. If it could be used in a square shape when using a wool snare.
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