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Opening PDF Attached Files

First of all, XODO is a great piece of software. I am using it for quite some time.

While developing a PDF documents logic for one customer I found a problem which is a show-stopper for using XODO.

Opening PDF attachments

Showing the content of PDF attachments is not user-friendly when using Android XODO:

Here are my observations:

After I click the name of the attached file

The screen pops up and the Middle of the screen reads

No document to display.

That makes no sense because I have selected a document to be displayed.

And the software should take care of the rest without further delay.

The top of the screen reads 

Extract To...

The user is not focused on that because he is expecting file content to appear.


Extract also makes no sense because, from the user's perspective, I don't want to extract. 

Just want to display the file.

Sure, it is normal to extract first. But that is XODOs cup of tea :-)

Just use a dedicated folder without any questions and delete it after XODO is closed or opened. And give it a unique name to extract.

Android Acrobat Reader does open the file on the spot.

However, If the user would like to get hold of the extracted file for other reasons then provide another option

Like Extract for further use by adding an option like Display Document after extraction.

Imagine A PDF with attached PDF, with attached PDF...

Opening that for display-only purposes can become a nightmare.

Hope this helps.

Really looking to giving my suggestion a high priority.

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Unfortunately, you did not specify whether you are using "free" or "pro".

I could not detect your first problem under "pro".

For me, a dialog box popped up with buttons for view and save, among others. Save as the usual process. With show the attached PDF file was also shown as a new tab.

But: xodo saves this file between, under Android ...(I spare the path). But it is not deleted then, even if you close xodo no longer ! This costs in the long run unnecessarily space on the main memory, which is usually tight; with me it was about 277MB !

I suspect this behavior is a consequence of the previously mentioned save function.

The attachment function needs urgently a revision, also optically.

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