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fail opening the new file

Hi there, 

has anyone had a problem opening a new file after uploading them in PC? 

I usually work with 1 or 2 pdf and then when I am trying to open a new pdf that I upload, the previous file is going to be open instead of the new file. I tried signing out and signing in, using different browsers, and restarting the app or even the computer, but none of them worked.

Thank you for your help 


I'm experiencing the same headache, though mine resets after I log in/out. I had luck clearing cookies on the site, but I also do not want to have to clear cookies every time I want to open a different file. 

Hi Kathryn, Thank you for responding. I figured it out. There is a xodo app in microsoft store. It works perfectly and its interface is better than url version of xodo.
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