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Measure Count

Just discovered your measurement tools. Love them. Except I cannot find any way to get the measurement from the perimeter or area tools. I can draw lines on the sheets, but no numbers are shown and I cannot close it out. I looked for help on this but the instructions were convoluted. Pretty much just showed how to get to the measurement tools and then said to use them.

It's the counting feature that interests me as an estimator. I love the ability to create a custom symbol and then stamp it wherever as XODO gathers a count. After using it for a day, I am frustrated and have to revert back to using the drawing tool and manually counting things.

The issues with this feature are these:

1) The symbol used is solid in color and one size. If placed on a sheet, it covers things and becomes "bulky" when items are close together. We need to select the size of it and need the ability to make it opaque.

2) The symbols are ok but a simple circle or square or other shapes would be better than the strange symbols you have available to count with.

3) The color choices are stuck at the basic 8 solid colors. Can we please select from the many colors available with everything else?

4) the most important need though... a border around the symbol with it's own color. This would multiply the counting symbols exponentially. I have drawings that count 30 to 100 different items. The color span is so limited and since they are gradients of the same colors, can be confusing to separate from each other. It gets confusing as to what group they are with. If I could have green mean a base item and the border colors mean versions of that item, I could count everything and keep it organized.

5) The current system brings up a notification window with each click to set a symbol. The next click of the mouse removes this window. meaning I have to click to mark the sheet, then click again to clear the notification so I can click again to mark the next thing. Easy to work with, but annoying.

6) The counted results are not available unless I click again to mark something. If I wasn't paying attention, the notification window is gone and I have to click an erroneous location to see it. I then can get the total counts, minus the one I just made.

7) And Finally... If I can then place a menu with the list of counted items that I can resize to place on the pdf itself, that would be the best.

Estimating is a $1.34 billion industry 2 years ago. $1.19 billion only a two years before that. If you can curtail to these needs and make the output transferable to an excel or google sheet, you would cut into that market. The next step is to create countable items that link directly with my spread sheets to count and estimate at the same time.

Love your program and use it every day for my business.

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