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Snaps settings.

It would be great if I could control my snaps by turning "ALL" on or off. I don't think someone should be forced to use it one way or the other some might like the snaps and others may not. Turning it off for every text or shape just don't cut it and even worse this new update re-engages after the edit box is gone. See attached... It takes forever to move something on that page. The more you add the slower things move. I used to could save it and all of those snaps would be gone, but now the text and shapes are flattened but the Snaps are still there. For me as a user I do not like the snaps at all. Put in the settings, Snaps: On/Off. Thanks.

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I agree 100%. It is very tiresome haven't you disable the snap on every single insert / pictures / widget that I use. And then once I go to move it the second time I have to redo the snap or undo the snap I should say. So I request the exact same thing please allow us to make our own determination if we want to use the snap feature or not
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