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Backup or Sync app settings

Hi I'm using xodo in multiple devices. 

At home Galaxy Tab S7+ and S8 at work.

I want to sync custom stamps and tool settings in other devices too.

Stamps, pencil, tool order and colors sync between devices should be very helpful.

or atleast support backup setting file...

I tried adb backup and xodo doesn't support adb back or bu backup.

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I am currently moving to a new tablet, but I and also I'm going to root the old one and install an open source OS because stock OS does not get security fixes any more. This will reset the device. Most of my apps support settings export/import, and I'm sad Xodo doesn't it seems.

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+1 for this feature. I also use multiple devices and I want to keep my settings and tool customization synced. Storing this configuration in cloud of logged acount would be perfect. But, Exporting and importing manually might be good enough too!

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I agree. When I switch from my phone to my tablet the features dont sync over even though i am signed in. My list of selected fonts dont sync over either even though i have added them to the available fonts in settings. I have to add everything twice

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