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Some requests

I would like Xodo to fix these inconvenient features for better use of app..

1. If I open another app and return to this app, or go to home screen and come back to this app, this textbox disappears. 
I hope it continues to float after going to home screen or another app so that I can continue writing text without reopen the box. 


2. I hope there was a funtion that I can bring and send shapes, hightlights, underlines etc forward and backward. When I have a highlight and underline on one text and when I want to change the color of highlight, I have to select highlight(not underline) to change the color, but I think this app randomly select one of them. I think it is not selected by sequence or any rull. So if I press the text that has highlight and underline on it, sometimes it selects the hightlight but if it selects the underline, I have to delete it, change the color of the hight and make the same underline. I have to do what I don't have to do because the rull of selecting unit is not fixed. If there is a function of bringing forward and sending backward, it won't need to do this. 


3. I hope there is a funcion that I can manipulate size, stroke, opacity and so on with arrows. 
For example, if size of a text is 5 and when I want to make it 6, now I have to move a circle right or left and it is very hard to locate it on size 6. If there was arrow that I can press and manipulate size one by one(5, 6, 7) like the picture, It would be far more easy to manipulate size and another things that needs manipulation. 

4. When I connect bluetooth keyboard and mouse, Xodo restarts, or even stops when typing on a box. There is a short flicker when bluetooth is connected.

5. I hope I can move tabs. For example, I have tabs named 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D', and I can change the sequence of the tabs from 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D' to 'D', 'C', 'B', 'A'. Now if I have many tabs(like nore than 30 tabs named 1, 2, 3, ... 30) opened in viewer, and the first one(the farthest to the left) is file named '1' and the latest one is file named '30' and I need to look at both file '1' and file '30', I should put them side by side. But in Xodo I cannot move tabs so it takes time to look at both of them in turn and repeat it. So if I can move tabs, I can organize tabs like '2', '3', '4', '29', '1', '30' and I can open both of them easily. Also, it would be great if I can turn tabs with keyboard(for example control+tab) like edge or chrome so that I can constantly change 2 tabs.

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