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Scrolling/Panning (while annotation tool is selected) should have momentum/inertia as in view mode

Platform: Android tablet 

Current situation: When you select an annotation tool (othern than pen), and use a physical stylus, a single finger can be used to scroll or pan. However, this scroll/pan has no inertia or momentum (i.e., as soon as the finger leaves the screen, panning stops), differently from when being in view mode.

Feature: panning/scrolling should always have momentum/inertia.

Why: All modern devices always have inertia when scrolling with fingers; the lack of it makes moving through documents a huge frustration.

This seems such an obvious feature that I think the lack of it is actually a bug. By the way I have been asking this for years, but couldn't manage to convince you yet ...<3 :)
Thank you in any case.

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