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Movable toolbar

Platform: Android tablet

Feature: Option to place the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. 

Why: With large tablets, it is currently needed to move the arm quite a bit to reach the upper part of the screen, which can be uncomfortable.

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Since most android tables are 16:10 it would be great to be able to move to the left/right when in landscape mode.  If reading two 8.5x11 letter size pdfs there is a lot of room left over on the left and right side in landsacpe. The same is true if doing architectural sheets or 11x17" pdfs.


Yes please!! I would appreciate it if the tool bar position can be set up, thank you!
I want this, too.
Add this feature please.

I agree!

This is essential...
It can be a movable (floating) button too. The button will become opaque while reading. It will expand on clicking and show all options. Just like AssistiveTouch button in iPhones.

Great Idea!

Yes Please! My arm is getting tired of hovering so high with my Tablet Keyboard Mount!

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