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Support Page labels

Your app is really so fluid and productive for reading and editing general pdf files.

However, I find I more likely read pdf textbooks, then things get a bit different. The application doesn't support page labels, such as I, II, III,..., i, ii, iii,..., A, B,..., C1,..., and so on. Those labels are used very common in papered books, i.e., the cover and copyright labeled by Alphabets, content table and preface part labeled by Roman numerals,  and text labeled by numbers. Without this feature, there is no efficient operation to jump to a special page, which is a frequent operation, when using Xodo to read pdf versions of textbooks and monographs.

Here two screenshots are attached here to compare Xodo with Adobe Acrobat, it may be more clear for you to realize how important the feature is!

I hope your team could consider the suggestion carefully, and add the feature in the future version as soon as possible

(397 KB)
(321 KB)

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