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Open the same document twice side by side


It would be good to have a new feature: to modify the same document having side by side two different pages to take notes from one to another page.


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Hello Javier,

Xodo Pro already has this feature available. See 

Xodo Pro for Windows - Compare PDF Side-by-Side


Xodo Support

What about Xodo for Android?

Unfortunately Xodo Android does not have Side-by-Side available at this time.  Depending on your device, such as some Samsung Tablets, you may have a device-based option for Split Screen View, but that will depend on your device, not Xodo.

That said we do have a Suggestions Forum available here; 

Suggest a new Feature

If you have the time please stop by to post and vote on ideas you are interested in.

Best Regards;


Xodo Support

Samsung tablets do have this feature, but it's not possible to open the same app twice.

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Would like this for Android
To clarify, would like option to "duplicate tab" in Android, for easy back and forth viewing of different areas of same document.
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