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Measurement Tool - Save Calibration throughout the Session


One of the most powerful tools I chose Xodo for is the PDF Measurement Tools.

However, the way the measurement tool behaves throws me out of focus.


1) All the PDF's in our company has a linear scale at the legend. This scale is used to calibrate the measurement (e.g. a line is drawn from 0m to the 5m mark, then do a calibrate and set it to 5m). All subsequent line tool measurements are correct!

2) However, when switching to the area/perimeter measurement tool (or any other tool for that matter), the calibration is reset and I have to do step (1) again, let alone that I cannot do it for the area measurement tool as I need a single line to do so.


Having a way to apply the calibration to all the measurement tools + all pages in the PDF. This is one of the features that are found in a competitive PDF app that makes a big difference for engineers like me.

Appreciate your feedback.



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This would be so beneficial to our company as well!

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