When viewing a document there are several ways to zoom in/out of the document.


Using the Mouse

To zoom in or out on the document using the mouse hold down Ctrl (Alt on Mac) and scroll the mouse wheel up to zoom in and down to zoom out.

Using the Keyboard

The keyboard can also be used in some cases to quickly zoom on the document using shortcut keys. The following shortcuts can be used.

Zoom to actual size Ctrl + 1 ⌘ + 1
Zoom to fit page Ctrl + 0 ⌘ + 0
Zoom to fit width Ctrl + 2 ⌘ + 2
Zoom in Ctrl + Plus Alt + Plus
Zoom out Ctrl + Minus Alt + Minus

Using the Zoom Tools

The zoom tools are located on the bottom toolbar and can be used to zoom on the document.

 Zoom Out: Zoom out to view the content smaller.

Zoom To/Current Zoom: Displays the current zoom value. You can also select a preset zoom percentage or type in the field for a custom zoom value.

 Zoom In: Zoom in to view the content larger.

 Zoom Tool: Zooms to a selected area within a page. Click and drag to select the rectangle area you wish to zoom to.

  1. Hold Ctrl key to zoom out while Zoom Tool is active. 

 Loupe Tool: Displays a zoom window that zooms in on the PDF to show the smallest detail.

Pan and Zoom:  A window showing the portion of the page currently on screen. Drag the red box to adjust the view of the document.