Tabbed Document View

In Xodo PDF Studio documents will open using the tabbed interface to view multiple PDFs at once. Each new PDF that is opened will open in a in the same application frame only in a new tab.

The tab names display the name of the PDF document opened in that tab and you can switch between the tabs by clicking the name of the file you wish to view. When the number of opened document tabs can no longer fit in the tab area a Previous & Next button will display on the right side to navigate through the tabs. Use menu button to the right of the arrows to quickly jump between tabs.


Working With Document Tabs

The following functions are available when working with document tabs. Each action can be performed on a single tab or you an use the Ctrl + Click shortcut to select multiple tabs at once.

Managing Tabs

Move Tab to a New Location

  • Click on the tab, then drag and drop it in between the two document tabs you would like it to be placed

Closing Tabs

To close a single document click on the icon to the right of the document name or right click  on the document tab and choose from the following options:

  • Close: closes the specified document
  • Close all: closes all currently opened document leaving Xodo PDF Studio open
  • Close others: leaves the selected document tab open and closes all other documents
  • Close tabs to the right: closes all documents to the right of the selected tab leaving any documents to the left of the selected tab open

Create New Window

  • Click on a tab, then drag it outside of the existing window and drop. This will create a new window.
  • Right click on the tab and select “Open in new window”.

Move Across Windows

Each Xodo PDF Studio window can have multiple document tabs at once

  • Click on a tab, drag and drop it into the tab area of another window. This will move the selected tabs from one window into another.

Working Across Tabs

Xodo PDF Studio supports operations across tabs as well as across separate Xodo PDF Studio windows. This can be useful when needing to copy pages or text from one document to another. Below are some examples:

  • Drag pages across tabs: Open the thumbnail pane in both tabs, select the page to move then drag it and hover over the second document tab which will then display the second document. Continue dragging the page and drop it into the pages pane of the second document.
  • Copy pages across tabs: Open the thumbnail pane in both tabs, select a page and right click to copy. Then click on the second document tab and right click in the thumbnail pane to paste the page.
  • Copy text across tabs: Select text and you wish to copy in one document tab, and then paste it into desired location of another document tab.

Additional Options

The following additional actions can be performed when working with multiple document tabs open. These features are only available when using the Ctrl + Click shortcut to select multiple tabs at once.


  • Copy path to clipboard: copies the file path to the system clipboard
  • Open containing folder: opens the folder on the system where the document is stored


  • Merge: starts the Merge PDF tool with selected documents already set in the merge list
  • Compare overlay: starts the Compare Overlay tool with the selected documents
  • Compare side by side: only available with 2 documents - starts the Side by Side comparison view with the selected documents


Enable / Disable Tabbed Document view

To disable the tabbed document view go to General Preferences and uncheck the "Open documents in new tabs" option.