Modifying PDF Pages

Xodo PDF Studio has the following options available to modify pages within a PDF document.

Editing Page Properties - View page properties and options to add actions to pages

Adding a Blank Page - Adds a blank page into the document

Cropping Pages - Crop pages within the PDF Document

Appending Document – Append another PDF document to the current one.

Inserting Pages – Insert pages from another PDF document into the current one.

Extracting Pages – Extract pages from the current document into a new document.

Replacing Pages – Replace pages from the current document with pages from another document.

Resizing Pages - Change the physical page size of the document as well as content to fit.

Deleting Pages – Delete pages from the current document.

Rotating Pages – Rotate pages in the current document.

Reversing Pages – Reverse the page order in the current document.

Move, Cut, Copy, and Paste Pages - Cut/Copy and Paste pages within a document or across documents.

Importing Images as Pages - Takes a selected image and inserts the image as a page within the PDF

Page Templates - Additional pages stored within the PDF that can be appended or shown based on a JavaScript trigger or action within a document.

Page Labels - Change the page numbers to display custom text instead of numbers