Import Images as Pages

Xodo PDF Studio can import an image directly into the PDF as a page. This can be useful when adding scanned pages or charts to a document for example. The following image types can be imported: *png, *jpg, *jpeg, *jpe, *gif, *tif, *tiff & .heic.


Using the Menu

  1. Select the Pages Tab > Insert > Import Images as Pages on the toolbar
  2. Using Add Files or Add Folder select the files you wish to insert as pages.
  3. Once all of the files are added click Start to begin merging/converting the files.
  4. All images will be converted in a single action and appended to the end of the document.

Using Drag & Drop

Use the mouse to select the image(s) from a folder or your desktop and then drag them directly into the thumbnail pane of the document to have them converted into a page.