Appending Documents

Xodo PDF Studio can append any of the Supported File Types to a PDF. When non-PDF files are selected they will be automatically converted to PDF before being appended to the document. Files can also be appended by dragging files directly onto the Thumbnail Pane directly.


Using the Menu

Appending a Single Document

Select the Pages Tab > Insert > Append Document  on the toolbar and choose the file to insert at the end of the current document.

Appending Multiple Documents

  1. Select the Pages Tab > Insert > Append Multiple Document s
  2. Set the options you wish to use. For more details see Batch Merge
    • Using the File List select the files that need to be processed
    • Set the destination settings for the processed batch files
    • If needed, set any open passwords to be attempted when processing files
  3. Once all of the settings are complete, click on Start... to begin the batch process.

Using Drag & Drop

Use the mouse to select thumbnail page(s) from the thumbnail pane and then:

  • Copy - Select and drag thumbnail pages from the source document to the destination document's Thumbnail pane of the second document.
  • Move - Select thumbnail pages from the source document. While holding Ctrl, drag the pages to the desired location within the Thumbnail Pane of the second document.