Adding a Blank Page

Xodo PDF Studio can add blank pages directly to a PDF. This can be useful if needing to create a divider or to add additional pages for content.



How to Add a Blank Page

  1. Go to the Pages Tab > Insert > Add Blank Page on the toolbar or use the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + B (⌘ + Shift + B on Mac)
  2. This will display the Insert Blank Page dialog. Enter the settings you wish to use for your new blank page
  3. Click OK to add the page to the document

Blank Page Settings

Insert At - Where in the document to insert the blank page.

  • Beginning of document: inserts the blank page as page 1 of the document
  • End of document: inserts the blank page after the last page of the document
  • After page: inserts the blank page after the specified page of the document

Page Size - The size of the newly created page

  • Same as page: creates the page with the same dimensions and orientation as the set page number
  • Size: creates a page using the size and orientation settings set in the drop downs