Using Xodo PDF Studio Offline

Xodo PDF Studio works without an internet connection for most functionalities after initial activation. For a full list of functions see Connection Troubleshooting Guide. Here's a breakdown of subscription activation requirements.

Initial Activation and Subscription Validation

An internet connection is required for two key functions:

  • Activation: You'll need an internet connection to activate your Xodo PDF Studio subscription for the first time.
  • Subscription Validation (Every 30 Days): Xodo PDF Studio attempts to validate your subscription every month. If you're offline during this check, you'll see a reminder to validate your license when you go online next.

Grace Period for Offline Use

If there's no internet connection during validation, a grace period begins. You can continue using Xodo PDF Studio normally during this grace period. Once the grace period ends, you'll see a final warning, and the software will revert to demo mode if it can't connect online.

If you don't restore internet connection for validation, here's what to expect:

  • Reminder to validate: You'll receive a friendly reminder to connect to the internet and validate your license.
  • Grace period: A grace period kicks in with additional reminders to allow you some time to connect.
  • Final warning: If you remain offline after the grace period, you'll see a final warning to connect.
  • Demo mode: After the final warning, Xodo PDF Studio will switch to demo mode with limited functionality.

NOTE: Enterprise customers can contact sales to explore additional options for offline activation.