Q: I am getting an “Error Printing Document” error message when trying to print a PDF from Xodo PDF studio on Debian GNU/Linux 7. How can I resolve the problem?

No Print Service Linux

A: In order to print a PDF on Debian GNU/Linux 7 you will need to ensure that you have cups-bsd installed as Debian systems do not install these by default.

If you do not have these items installed you may also get one of the following error messages:

Print Service Not Found

io.IOException: Cannot run program “/usr/bin/lpr”: io.IOException: error=2, No such file or directory

Unlike other Linux/Unix based systems Debian does not come with CUPS-BSD (Common UNIX Printing System) package. This package provides the BSD commands for interacting with CUPS based printing systems. If you would like to print a PDF in Xodo PDF Studio you will need to first install the CUPS-BSD commands in order for the system to properly communicate with CUPS-PDF virtual printer. Once complete this will automatically enable your PDF printer, which you can then use to generate your PDFs.

Installing cups-bsd

  1. Open a root shell/terminal
  2. Type the root password
  3. Type in apt-get install cups-bsd
  4. Now the Xodo PDF studio print command will interact correctly with CUPS
  5. Next make sure that you have your printer properly configured with CUPS. You can setup the printer using the web interface as it is the easiest and user friendly. Access the CUPS web interface by going to http://localhost:631/ on your linux browser.
  6. Click on Adding Printers and Classes
  7. CUPS web interface - linux
  8. Then click on Add Printer and follow the instructions to add your specific printer.
  9. CUPS web interface - linux - add printer
  10. Once you have completed adding your printer you will be able to print from Xodo PDF Studio using the print dialog as normal.