Trusting Digital Signatures

Digital signatures can be added to your trusted certificates list from other users that you trust. Once added to your list, anytime a document is signed using the same digital ID it will be listed as trusted.

Note: It's important that you only trust certificates from someone you know and have already established a mutual trust.


How to Trust a Digital ID

Trusted IDs can be added either from an existing signature field or by importing a trusted certificate

Using an Existing Signed Field

  1. Using the Hand Tool click on the signature that you wish to validate.
  2. This will display a dialog showing the Signature Validation Status
  3. Click on the Details button
  4. Select a certificate on the left and click on the Trust Certificate button to add the digital ID as a trusted certificate

Importing Trusted Certificates

  1. Go to File > Preferences
  2. Select Trusted Certificates from the panel on the left of the preferences dialog
  3. Click on the Import button. This will open a file chooser dialog
  4. Navigate to the certificate you wish to import
    • Note: Only .cer or .crt formats can be imported
  5. Click on Open to import the certificate and add the digital ID as a trusted certificate