Tags Panel

The Tags Panel allows you to view the tag tree structure of the document. These include content items such as headings, paragraphs, and tables within the PDF. PDF tags are used by accessibility tools (such as screen readers) to present the document contents to the user in a logical and understandable way.

How to Open the Tags Panel

  1. Open any document
  2. Click on the Tags button on the left side of the Xodo PDF Studio window
  3. Once loaded the left pane will display the document tag tree

Viewing / Navigating Tags

Use the tag tree to view and navigate to the tags in the document. Use the + and - icons to expand or collapse items and click on the tag to highlight the tagged content on the page.

The expand and collapse all buttons can also be used to show and hide all the children in the tags tree at once.

Viewing Tag Properties

Right click on any tag in the tree and select the Properties option to view additional details for the selected tag.

Tags Panel Options

Tag Content - Starts the tool to create Content Tag

Create New Tag - Allows you to create a Document Tag

Delete Tag - Delete the selected tag

Options - Additional tag options

  • Document is Tagged PDF: Sets the "Tagged Document" flag in the document
  • Highlight Content: Option to highlight the selected tag content on the page
  • Properties: View additional details for the selected tag