Splitting a PDF

Xodo PDF Studio can split PDF documents in a variety of ways. The available split options are listed below:

  • Equal Size Documents: Splits the document into equal number of pages
  • Page Ranges: Splits the document by a set of defined page ranges
  • By Blank Page: Spits the documents by blank page
  • By Bookmarks: Splits the document by bookmarks
  • Before Text: Splits the document before specified text
  • After Text: Splits the document after specified text


How to Split a PDF

  1. Open the document that you would like to split.
    • Note: This is not a required step if you only wish to create a split profile without applying it immediately.
  2. Go to the Pages Tab > Split > Custom Split on the toolbar
  3. Fill in the desired Split PDF Options for the current split configuration. A name for a Split PDF Profile can also be set during this step to save the settings to be reused later.
    • Note: You do not need to create or save a split configuration before splitting a document. To save the current split configuration, click on the Save button and enter a name.
  4. To split the current document, click on Apply