Set Field Calculation Order

The field calculation order determines the order in which linked field data is calculated. If there are fields that have calculations using results from other field calculations if not done in the correct order the values will be incorrect.

For example: on an invoice document you would want to calculate the tag BEFORE you calculate the total.


How to set the Field Calculation Order

  1. Start the Form Editing Mode by going to the Forms Tab
  2. Click on the Calculation Order button to start the tool
  3. Select one or more fields from the list
    • Hold down SHIFT or Ctrl (⌘ on Mac) to select multiple fields.
  4. Fields will be calculated in order from Top to Bottom. Use the buttons on the right side of the list to reorder the selected fields in the list
  5. Once complete click OK to apply the changes
  6. Confirm the calculation order is correct by entering a new value in any of the calculated fields

Field Calculation Order Options

Move Up - Moves the selected field(s) up the list.

Move Down - Moves the selected field(s) down the list.

Move to Top - Moves the selected field(s) to the top of the list.

Move to Bottom - Moves the selected field(s) to the bottom of the list.