The sessions feature allows you to store the active list of documents opened in Xodo PDF Studio and then reopen that session again at a later time with a single click. Multiple sessions can be saved for ease of use when working across multiple projects. The stored session will retain the following:

  • Documents that were open
  • Tab order of the open documents
  • Number of windows open (if documents open in separate windows)

Note: To also restore the last page viewed when reopening the documents in your session go to Preferences -> Display and enable the Restore Last Page option.


How to Use Sessions

To access the sessions panel go to File Tab > Open > Sessions. From there, you can save the current session, open an existing session or edit / delete existing sessions.

Session search

Use the field at the top of the sessions list to filter out the sessions documents based on the search term entered. As you type the results will be filtered out to show only sessions that match the entered word(s).


Save Current Session

  1. Open the documents you wish to store in the session
  2. Go to File Tab > Open > Sessions
  3. Click on Save current session
  4. Enter a name for the session and click OK to save


Open Previous Session

Existing sessions can be accessed by going to File Tab > Open > Sessions or clicking on the down arrow next to the Open icon on the Quick Access Toolbar.


Edit / Delete Saved Session

Use the following buttons to edit / delete existing sessions

Edit: Opens dialog to rename the selected session

Delete: Removes the saved session