Rasterize PDF

Rasterize PDF re-creates the document using images of the pages instead of vector commands. It functions the same as exporting a PDF to images and then re-importing the images into a new PDF. After rasterizing the new document will be opened.


How to Rasterize a PDF

  1. Go to the Convert Tab > Images > Rasterize PDF on the toolbar
  2. Set the rasterize options. Additional details for each of the settings are available below.
    • Set the page range
    • Set the resolution
    • Set the compression options
  3. Once all of the settings are complete, click on Start... to begin the process.  
  4. Once the document has been rasterized the new document will be opened

Rasterize PDF Settings

Page Range

Pages - The range of pages to be rasterized

  • All Pages: Rasterizes all the pages of the document
  • Page Range: Set the pages to be rasterized using the From and To options
  • Even Pages Only: only the even pages
  • Odd Pages Only: only the odd pages

DPI & Compression

DPI Resolution - Resolution in DPI used to render the page, 72 is the PDF native resolution.

Compression - Sets the image format. Only images compatible with the PDF format can be chosen.

  • JPEG - lossy compression that will reduce image quality and size
  • JPEG2000 - less lossy compression that will reduce size and some quality
  • Flate - Lossless compression does not reduce quality but may not always reduce file size
  • JBIG2 B&W - Lossless compression that can only support black and white color space. Color images will be converted to black and white. Best for scanned documents with no images

JPEG Quality - This is the quality of JPEG compression. It varies from 0 (very high compression, very low quality), to 10 (low compression, very high quality) based on the quality parameter. Some guidelines for the quality value: 8 high quality, 5  medium quality, 2 low quality.