PDF Document Comparison

Xodo PDF Studio has multiple tools that can be used to compare PDF documents. These tools can be used to find changes and differences between one or more PDF documents.

Comparison Tools

Side by Side - Open two PDF documents in the same window next to each other to compare visually

Overlay Compare - Compare documents by overlaying a second document onto the first using different colors to find differences.

There are 2 features for overlay comparison in Xodo PDF Studio:

  • Overlay PDF Compare:  Create a new PDF that overlays 2 or multiple documents. The overlay comparison PDF is saved in vector format. It allows you to preview the scaling and compute the offset through a 3 point method and preview windows. Annotations can then be added to the newly created Overlay PDF.
  • Live Overlay PDF: This is a live rendering mode that overlays 2 documents and that can only be accessed from the side by side comparison. Only allows 2 docs can be overlaid. Exported PDF is in image format. Annotations can be added only to the first document.

Overlay Color Options - How to set document color options for the overlay comparison