Opening Files

There are many ways to open a file in Xodo PDF Studio. The fastest and easiest way is to set Xodo PDF Studio as your default PDF application or drag and drop any PDF file directly into the Xodo PDF Studio frame. You can also use the various other methods such as the Welcome Screen or File tab which includes opening from local folders, recent documents, as well as cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, & OneDrive.

Note: Using any of the below methods and selecting one of the other Supported File Types will automatically convert the file to a PDF.


Drag and Drop

Files can be dragged and dropped onto Xodo PDF Studio.

  • Supported file types can be created into a new document by dragging the file onto a Xodo PDF Studio window with no document currently open.
  • Supported file types can be inserted as new pages into an existing open document by dragging the file to the Thumbnail Pane.
  • Pages can also be dragged and dropped across multiple open documents.

Note: Dropping a file onto the main document pane will open the document in a new frame.


Welcome Screen

Recent Documents - The recent documents section displays the 5 most recent PDF files opened with Xodo PDF Studio. To open a file in this list just click on the name of the file that you wish to open.

 Open File: Displays the file chooser to select a PDF document to open


File Tab

In the Open pane you will also find the following options to open files

 Recent Documents: Displays a list of most recent 200 documents that have been opened. Use the search field on the top right to more easily find a specific document.

 Sessions: Session manager allowing you to reopen last used or saved sessions

Computer: Opens local file chooser select a file to open

 From URL: Open a PDF file from a specified web address

 Xodo Drive: Open any supported file type directly from your linked Xodo Drive

 Google Drive: Open any supported file type directly from your linked Google Drive

 Dropbox: Open any supported file type directly from your linked Dropbox

 OneDrive: Open any supported file type directly from your linked OneDrive

 Favorite Folder: Favorite folder that has been pinned for easier access. See Add Folder below for instructions


Add Folder

The Add Folder feature allows you to pin a local directory to the list for quicker access in the future. This folder will be accessible in both the Open & Save As panels

  Add Folder: Click this button to select the folder to be added to the list

Remove: Removes the place from the open list