Managing Rubber Stamps

Existing rubber stamps as well as newly created stamps can be managed using the Rubber Stamp Manager.

Accessing the Rubber Stamp Manager

The Rubber Stamp Manager can be accessed using one of the two methods listed below.

  1. From the Comments Tab toolbar, click on the down arrow on the Rubber Stamp button, and click on Manage Stamps.
  2. Clicking on the icon in the Comments Tab

Using the Stamp Manager

The dialog shows a tree of existing stamps and a stamp toolbar to work with the tree. The stamp toolbar has buttons to create, delete, and edit stamps and folders.

The tree will initially have a folder named Standard which contains the following stamps:

As Is, Approved, Confidential, Completed, Confidential, Departmental, Draft, Experimental, Expired, Final, For Comment, For Public Release, Information Only, Not Approved, Not For Public Release, Preliminary Results, Sold, Top Secret, Void.

The stamp tree can be modified using the buttons in the stamp toolbar:

  •  Create a new stamp
  •  Add a new folder to the tree.
  •  Brings up the edit dialog for the currently selected stamp or the name change dialog for the selected folder.
  •  Delete the currently selected node.