Managing Digital IDs

Xodo PDF Studio allows you to manage digital IDs digital IDs that have been created with Xodo PDF Studio or Imported into Xodo PDF Studio. The My Password settings can also be managed from this screen as well.

Note: Digital IDs found in the system will need to be managed by the system digital ID manager


Accessing the Digital ID Settings

To access the digital ID preferences do one of the following

  • Go to Secure Tab > Digital IDs on the toolbar
  • Go to File > Preferences then select Digital IDs from the panel on the left

Digital ID Options

System IDs

If you have IDs stored in your operating system, you can use those in Xodo PDF Studio as well. Uncheck the box next to "Enable Signing with System Digital IDs" if you wish to make these digital IDs available when signing

My Digital IDs

Add Digital ID

Click on the Add Digital ID button to open a dialog and either create or import a digital ID

Change Display Name

Click on the Change Display Name button to change the display name of the selected digital ID


Click on the Delete button to delete the selected digital ID

Note: This cannot be undone. You will need to create or reimport the digital ID if you wish to trust it again.

My Password

If your digital ID has a complex password that is hard to remember you can select the "Use my password" option to save this password and protect it with your own password. When signing documents, Xodo PDF Studio will prompt you for your own password. This makes it easier to sign documents without having to remember the complex passwords.

Click on the Create My Password button to setup a single password to be used when signing documents. This will open a dialog where you will enter the new password and create a password hint if needed.

Note: Make sure to use a password you can remember because you will need the password in order to apply any digital signature or to change and remove the My Password.