Linking Form Fields

Xodo PDF Studio allows you to link multiple form fields in a document together. Linking one or more fields together makes the same data populate each instance of the field within the document. This is helpful for putting dates or client names on every page of the document.

Note: Only fields of the same type can be linked together.


How to Link Form Fields

  1. First create the form fields that you need in your document. For more information on creating form fields see Creating Form Fields
  2. To link the fields all you need to do is give each of the fields the same name either when creating them or by editing them.
  3. Once you click OK to confirm the field name setting you will get a message asking if you would like to link the fields. Click on OK to save the field name and link the fields
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 to link as many form fields as you need.
  5. Once complete click on the Stop Form Editing button on the toolbar to close the form editor and save the document
  6. The fields will now be ready for you to begin typing in information

Note: Radio buttons can be grouped in a similar way, by giving them the same name, you will also have to make sure the Radio Button Choice under the Options tab is also labeled the same.