JavaScript Preferences

The JavaScript Preferences section contains all of the JavaScript settings for Xodo PDF Studio.

To open the JavaScript Preferences dialog:

    1. Go to File Tab > Preferences
    2. Select JavaScript from the panel on the left of the preferences dialog to view or modify these preferences.


Enable JavaScript - Enable the processing of JavaScript features in PDFs, and silence errors if desired. JavaScript can be set to Always on, Never on, or Prompt when you open a document with JavaScript in it.  Prompt is the default.

  • Never: will never allow JavaScript to run within the PDF document.
  • Prompt: will display a message prompting the user to allow JavaScript to run in the PDF document.
  • Always: Will always run JavaScript within the PDF document. Warning: Make sure to only open documents from trusted sources.

Formatting Errors - Whether to Show Warning Message or Sound a Beep when there is JavaScript in the PDF Document.

Warn before submitting form - When checked will prompt before submitting a PDF form using JavaScript

Warn before emailing document - When checked will prompt before emailing a document using JavaScript