General Preferences

The General Preferences section contains all of the general settings for Xodo PDF Studio.

To open the General Preferences dialog:

    1. Go to File Tab > Preferences
    2. Select General from the panel on the left of the preferences dialog to view or modify these preferences.


Language - Select English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, or Spanish. Additional locale options are listed after the language. The default language will be determined from the language setting for the computer/operating system. Restart Xodo PDF Studio after changing this setting.

Units – Define preferred measurement units (inches, centimeters, points, millimeters). Units will be used for the Crop dialog and in Document Properties when displaying the page size.

Default Page - Sets the default page size and orientation when Creating a Blank PDF or Adding a Blank Page.

  • Size: the page size of the document using many of the global standards and also a custom option.
  • Orientation: The orientation of the page, landscape or portrait.

Documents - Sets document behavior for opening additional documents

  • Open documents in new tabs: Sets the application to open all documents as tabs within the frame.
  • Open document links in same window: When checked, links to external documents will open in the same window
  • Restore last session on startup: When checked, will restore all document tabs that were open when Xodo PDF Studio was last exited

Signatures - Digital signature display settings

  • Show signature validity: When checked displays the Signature Validation directly on the signature on the page. Otherwise validity will need to be checked in the Signature Panel

Paste Images – Sets whether or not adjust to zoom for the pasted images.

  • Adjust to zoom: When checked images pasted into Xodo PDF Studio will maintain the same size and scale as when viewed from the application it was pasted from.


  • Use system file dialog: Switch between the Xodo PDF Studio file dialog and System file dialog. This selection is available to Windows and Linux/Unix installations.
  • Use temporary file on save: Create a temporary file when saving documents. Some document management applications that use a WebDAV server require writing directly to the original file to preserve the document history.
  • Show welcome screen on startup: when checked, the Welcome Screen will be displayed on startup
  • Warn before deleting pages: displays a warning before Deleting Pages.
  • Warn before changing security: displays a warning when making changes to Document Security
  • Warn before sanitizing document: displays a warning before Sanitizing Documents
  • Create Links from URLs: Automatically detects text in a document that resembles a URL and makes it a clickable link
  • Warn before flattening all comments: displays a warning before Flattening All Comments.
  • Warn before deleting all comments: displays a warning before Deleting All Comments.
  • Warn before saving signed document: Displays a warning before saving a document that contains a Digital Signature as this would invalidate the signature within the document.
  • Show '*' on title bar of modified document: When a document is modified Xodo PDF Studio will append an asterisk '*' to the end of the file name displayed so to easily distinguish if the document has been modified or not.
  • Prompt for including subfolders on Batch -> Add folder: Displays a warning before processing batch files with the "subfolders" option enabled
  • Show page options dialog when creating new document: When checked, user will be prompted for new page size settings before creating a new document
  • Paste pages after current selection: When checked, pages that are copied will be pasted AFTER the selected page in the thumbnails pane