Form Field Validation

Form field validation sets validation rules for the field based on the option selected. Validation is different from format in that validation restricts what values are allowed to be entered into the field

Note: Field validation settings are only available for text and combo boxes.


Adding Validation to Fields

  1. Start the Form Editing Mode by going to the Forms Tab
  2. Using the Object Selection Tool select the Field that you would like to add validation to
  3. Access the field properties by right clicking (Mac: Ctrl + Click) on the field and choose Properties in the mouse menu or click on the edit button on the Mini Toolbar.
  4. In the Properties window select the Validate tab
  5. Use this screen to set any of the Form Field Validation Options listed below. Once you have completed setting your validation click on OK
  6. Repeat steps 2- 5 to set as many fields with validations as you need.
  7. Once all validations are set click on the Stop Form Editing button on the toolbar to close the form editor and save the document
  8. The Form Validations will now be ready to use

Form Field Validation Options

No validation for this field

Default value, sets no validation rules and any value can be entered into the field

Field values has a range

Only available when Format is set to a Number or Percentage.

This field has custom validation

When selected you will need to use Form JavaScript to create custom validations