Form Field Editor Ribbon Toolbar

Entering the Forms tab starts the Form Editing mode. This mode allows you to edit/modify field settings, location, size, & options.

To view the form as a user would click on the preview button to test the fields while remaining in the Forms tab

Toolbar Descriptions


Object Select: Used to Edit Interactive Objects within the PDF.

 Typewriter: Creates a typewriter annotation.


Text Box: Creates a text box field

Check Box: Creates a check box

Radio Button: Creates a radio button. To create a new group of Radio Buttons click on the down arrow to the right of the Radio Button on the toolbar and then select New. This will start a new group for the Radio Buttons.

Combo Box: Creates a combo box

List Box: Creates a list box

Button: Creates a push button

Signature: Creates a digital signature field

Image Button: Creates an Image button

Date Field: Creates a date field using the following format m/d/yy

Form Data

Calculation Order: Allows you to set the form field calculation order in the document

Reset Fields: Resets the data in all fields in the form.

Export: Export form data in the current document into a file in FDF, XFDF, XDP, XML, CSV, or Text formats.

Import: Import form data in the current document into a file in FDF, XFDF or XDP formats.

Flatten: Flatten all fields in the form.


Preview Form: Toggles form editing mode to allow testing the fields while remaining in the Forms tab

Highlight Fields: Highlight all fields in the form, making them easier to locate.

Show Rulers: Toggles display of rulers in document viewing area

Show Grid: Toggles the grid display on top of the PDF