Form Editing Mode

In order to create forms on a PDF you must first be in form editing mode. In form editing mode, most tools will be hidden and only navigation, form fields, properties, and alignment options will remain. Once the form is completed close the form editing mode to return to the viewing the document as normal.

  • The object selection tool on the toolbar can select one or more fields/annotations to move, align, or edit their properties.  This tool is also available in the standard document view to allow for quick editing/moving of fields.
  • The typewriter annotation is included on this toolbar so that labels can be created in form editing mode.  To make them permanent, flatten the typewriter annotations once the form has been created.
  • The Page Thumbnails tab is hidden by default but can be shown by clicking on icon on the left side of the Xodo PDF Studio frame.


Starting/Stopping Form Editing Mode

Ribbon Toolbar

When using the Ribbon Toolbar just click on the Forms Tab to activate form editing mode.


Classic Toolbar

  1. Open any document in Xodo PDF Studio
  2. On the menu bar select Forms > Create/Edit Form or use the shortcut keys Ctrl + Shift + M (⌘ + Shift + M on Mac).
  3. This will open up the Form Field Editor Toolbar. In form editing mode, most toolbars will be hidden; navigation, form fields, properties, and alignment options will remain.
  4. You can now edit the Create/Edit forms on the PDF document as needed.
    • Note: If the document is protected or locked you will not be able to edit the form fields until they are unlocked
  5. Once complete click on Stop Form Editing to close the toolbar
  6. Save the document and the fields will be ready for use