Editing Existing Content

The Edit PDF Content tool allows you to edit any existing content found within the PDF. By default this tool will will be in Edit Text & Images Mode, which allows you to edit the text and images in the document similar to a word processor. Additional modes can also be selected to edit only a specific content type (for example: images only). 


Starting the Edit PDF Content tool

There are two ways to start editing existing content.

  1. From the Document Tab on the toolbar, click on the down arrow on the  Edit PDF Content button, and select the Content Editing Mode you wish to use. Then click or drag an area with the mouse to select the desired content.
  2. Click directly on the  Edit PDF Content in the Document Tab on the toolbar and it will use the last previously selected mode. 

Once the tool has been started selected, content can be edited, moved or deleted following the instructions for the content types listed below.  


Content Editing Modes

Each of the content editing modes below can be used to edit various types of content. 

Simplified Editing

 Text Reflow & Images: Edit text directly on the page with paragraphs and sentences automatically wrapping on the page as well as moving & rearranging images. (Default)

  • NOTE: This mode can not be activated at the same time as the other modes below.

Advanced Editing

Each of the modes below can be toggled on / off in any combination so that you can work with the specific content types you need. For example you can enable only editing Text & Paths which will disable selection of Images and Shades in the document. 

Edit Text: Modify or change individual text strings

Edit Images: Move or resize images contained within the PDF

Edit Paths: Edit, move & resize lines and shapes within the PDF

Edit Shades: Edit, move & resize shade and gradient objects within the PDF