Editing Field Tab Order

Xodo PDF Studio allows you to set the tab order of fields within a document. This allows you to designate what field comes next when the user is tabbing through the document to make it easier to complete. Follow the instructions below to rearrange the field tab order in a PDF form.

Note: By default the tab order is created in the order that the fields are created. It's usually best practice to either create the fields in the correct order or rearrange them afterwards as many users will be confused if the when pressing tab they are taken to a completely different section of the page.


Changing the Field Tab Order

  1. Start the Form Editing Mode by going to the Forms Tab
  2. On the left hand side of the Xodo PDF Studio frame will be the Fields Pane
    • Note: You may need to click on the "Fields" button to open the pane
  3. In this pane you will see a list of all the fields per page within the document. To field tab order in the document goes from the top of the field tree to the bottom of the field tree. To edit the field tab order drag and drop the items into the order that you want the fields to tab starting with the first at the top and the last at the bottom of the list.
    • Note: You can choose to Show Field Tab Order option to see the tab order directly on the fields on the page
  4. Once complete click on Stop Form Editing to close the tool bar
  5. Save the document and the fields will be ready for use