Editing and Manipulating PDFs

Xodo PDF Studio comes with advanced tools to edit and manipulate PDF documents including content editing, redaction, modifying and splitting pages, and creating bookmarks, headers, footers, and watermarks.

Content Editing: Edit text, images, and content within the PDF

Redaction: Securely redact text and images from the PDF

Modifying PDF Pages: Edit pages including, cropping, appending, inserting, extracting, deleting, and more

Splitting PDF Documents: Split PDF documents by number of pages, bookmarks, blank page, text, and more

Optimizing PDFs: Reduce the file size of the PDF by optimizing specific parts of the PDF

Bookmarks: Create, edit, and delete bookmarks

Links: Create, edit, and delete links

Destinations: Create, edit, and delete PDF destinations

Headers and Footers: Create, edit, and delete headers and footers

Watermarks: Create, edit, and delete watermarks

OCR PDF: Recognize text on scanned images